The document haven't gotten through to the receiver, what could have happened? 

Start by logging in to Pagero Online.

Go to My documents – Sent documents or Outbound – Pagero Online –Sent invoices.
Make sure you find the invoice and check that it has send mode/send type “Production”.

If you can’t find the invoice, check if it’s listed in Files in progress in Pagero Online or Pagero Connect. If this is the case, our support is working on solving your issue as soon as possible, files are handled in chronologic order in which they are received. 

The invoice has to be in send mode/send type “Production” to be handled automatically. If files have been sent in “Cert or “Test”, then you need to contact our support.

If you see that the invoice has been successfully sent and you haven’t received any error message from Pagero, please ask the recipient to contact their service provider for e-invoices to trouble shoot on their side.

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