How do I handle stopped files in Pagero Connect?

Go to Views  > Outbound  > Pagero Online > Documents with errors to view information about errors and what needs to be corrected.  You can also click directly on the notification Documents with errors, at the bottom left in Pagero Connect.

By clicking on the invoice(s), you will receive more information about why your invoice(s) has not been delivered to the recipient. By clicking Handle errors you will be taken to Pagero Online to make adjustments or delete the erroneous document if needed.

In Pagero Online you can download the original invoice that was sent to Pagero. To do so go to My documents > Handle files with errors/Handle documents with errors > click on the desired document > download source document.

After correcting your file in Pagero Online you can restart it via the above process, but now choose restart document.

A common reason why the invoice needs to be restarted is that there is no customer posted in Pagero Online. In those cases there is no client that matches the customer number as specified in the invoice.

If you go to Links – Customer directory, you can always add the customer number, then try restarting the document in Pagero Online. 

If you want to remove your invoice, click Delete documents and your invoice will be removed both from Pagero Connect and Pagero Online. 

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