Why do I keep getting emails about unfetched documents?

Pagero Online can send you a daily reminder about any unfetched documents you have in Pagero Online.
In order for a document to count as fetched you have to download the invoice itself.


Follow the below steps to download unfetched documents:

1. Go to "My Documents" and then choose "received documents"
2. Enter any relevant search parameters if you wish and click "Search"

3. Locate the document and choose "Download document".
4. Once the document has been fetched you will see that it says "Done (Fetched)" under Status.


Note, you must choose download document in order for the document to be fetched. Choosing only "View presentation" will not fetch the document.


If you do not wish to receive these reminder emails, you can update your settings by doing the following:
1. Go to "Settings", then choose "Settings" again and lastly "Company settings".

2. Go to the tab "Notifications"

3. Edit the "Inbox email notification" according to preference and click "Save".

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