Adding a customer - E-order

There are two ways of adding an order sending customer to the customer directory:

  • The supplier sends a request to a customer about receiving order files.
  • The customer sends a request to a supplier about sending order files.

Supplier initiation

The first step for the supplier is to add the customer to the customer directory to approve that they can send order files.

Go to Customer directory – Search and Add customer. Choose Show companies that send orders in the drop down menu. Search for the customer and click Add.


In the next step, the supplier can choose if they want to send a request for the customer to send order files to the supplier.


When the customer is approved it will be added to the customer directory and the customer can start sending order files.


Customer initiation

The customer has the option to send a request to the supplier regarding sending order files to them. The supplier then receives a request that they can approve or deny.


If the request is approved the customer is added to the supplier’s customer directory and can then start sending order files.

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