Add supplier – E-Invoice

For suppliers to be able to send e-invoices to you as a customer, it is required that they add you in their supplier directory. All organizations and companies that can receive electronic invoices via Pagero are searchable in Pagero’s public supplier directory. Exceptions are those recipients who have chosen not to publish themselves as searchable recipients in the public directory.


Please note that adding a supplier to your supplier directory to receive documents from them is only required when using a closed supplier directory. Having a closed or open supplier directory can be defined with below setting in Pagero Online under Company Settings->General. Setting On = closed directory and Setting Off = open directory.

Below you will find instructions on how to approve and add suppliers.

  1. You can either click on the Supplier Directory – Search & Add suppliers, in the left menu, or the shortcut Add supplier on the frontpage.

  2. Use the search field to locate the company you want to add. You can search by company name, corporate identification number, VAT registration number or EAN code. Searching by an identifier such as VAT registration number gives more accurate results.

  3. Click Add to the right of the supplier. If the supplier is using Pagero as their service provider, you can send a personal message in Pagero Online. The supplier can then respond back if they wish to send documents electronically. If the supplier is using another service provider, you should contact the supplier and manually request that they start sending their documents to you electronically.  

  4. Thereafter the supplier can respond to your request and add you to their customer directory.
    Once the connection between both parties is setup, they can start sending electronic invoices. Please note, it is not mandatory for the supplier to respond to your request, and therefore a dialogue with the supplier regarding e-invoicing is highly recommended.
  5. The supplier is now added to your supplier directory as an “approved supplier.” Again, it is strongly advised for you, the recipient, to contact the supplier regarding that you want to receive documents electronically. 
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