Add customer – E-Invoice

  1. Either click Customer directory – Search & add customers in the menu to the left, or click the shortcut Add customer on the start page.

  2. In the search field, you can look for the recipient by writing the company name, the corporate identification number, the VAT registration number and or the EAN code. We strongly suggest that you search for a recipient with the help of the id search bar, this to ensure the correct customer is added.


  3. If you are uncertain whether the company or organization in the search result is the recipient that you want to add, click the name in the list to get detailed information.

  4. When you have found the recipient you are looking for, click Add to add the recipient to your customer directory.


    You will receive a message in Pagero Online when the recipient is ready to receive e-invoices. The message includes a confirmation and possibly a personal message from the recipient. You can see the status of your added recipients at any time from your customer directory in Pagero Online.

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