Suggest customer – E-Invoice

Not all of your customers might exist in Pagero's public customer directory, and this article will explain how to suggest these customers as new recipients so you may add them to your own directory.

1. First go to  Customer directory -> Suggest New Customers, then you may enter all the information that you have on your customer, and when submitted Pagero will confirm these details.



2. Once confirmed, the customer will be activated and you will receive a message.

3. After the customer is activated you can then add the customer to your own directory and start sending documents to them. Instructions on how to add a customer you will find here.

* Please note that if you cannot find a customer when searching for them in our public directory, they might exist but have chosen to be hidden to other users in Pagero Online. In that case, please contact the Pagero Support team for help with adding your customer.

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