Older EHF and PEPPOL BIS versions (1.0 & 2.0) to be phased out

Older EHF and PEPPOL BIS versions (1.0 & 2.0) to be phased out

Format: Peppol BIS/EHF
Update: Version 1.0 and 2.0 will be phased out
Date of update: 2021-02-15


To Norwegian users of Pagero Online and PEPPOL

The following EHF and PEPPOL BIS format specifications have been deprecated/phased out for use within the PEPPOL eDelivery network and will be removed from the Norwegian Peppol directory "ELMA" by Digitaliseringsdirektoratet/DFØ on 2021-02-15.


  • EHF Invoice and Credit Note 2.0 (all profiles)
  • PEPPOL BIS Invoice 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Billing 2.0


  • EHF Catalogue 1.0
  • EHF Despatch Advice 1.0
  • EHF Order Agreement 1.0
  • EHF Ordering 1.0
  • EHF Reminder 1.1
  • EHF Punch Out 1.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Catalogue 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Message Level Response 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Order Agreement 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Order 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Ordering 2.0

This completes a very long migration period and means that these versions will no longer be allowed to be exchanged between PEPPOL access point providers.

This also means that the older, commonly used "9908" ICD will be fully deprecated and phased out as it is not supported in the 3.0 versions of the formats listed above, and such; the new "0192" ICD should be used in all Norwegian scenarios moving forward.

No direct action is needed from end users. Pagero will update both ELMA and Pagero Online accordingly to comply with these changes on 2021-02-12.

If you send and/or receive any of these versions to/from Pagero today, you can continue to do so, as Pagero will handle all format conversion. But it should be noted that new content requirements and validation rules have been implemented in the newer 3.0 versions, which means that some users might encounter errors or warnings not previously seen.

If you ERP system supports it; Pagero advise that you look into upgrading the version you send to/receive from Pagero to the latest 3.0 version/s.

More information from DFØ: https://anskaffelser.dev/postaward/g2/announcement/2020-06-19-updated-migration-timeline/#other-specifications.

More information regarding the 3.0 versions of all the specifications: https://anskaffelser.dev/postaward/g3/spec/.

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