How to check if my invoice (or any other document) was sent properly?

Once an invoice has been submitted, we can check the status by clicking on "My documents" in the left pane then "sent documents", finally click “search” to see the invoices sent in the past 90 days.



Please note that Pagero will only keep the documents for the last 90 days, if you wish to archive your documents you have to subscribe for the E-archive feature.


Status :


To verify the status of my invoice I will find the invoice number in the listed invoices and I will see the status showing up :


1) Done: This means the invoice was sent from Pagero Online to your recipient.

2) Done (Fetched): The invoice was sent and received by the remote server.

3) Handled by Pagero: This means that the technical support is currently investigating an issue with your invoice and will deliver an answer soon.

4) Undelivered/rejected: An issue was found and you need to fix it before issuing the invoice again.


You can also see a PDF presentation of your E-Invoice by clicking on "View presentation".



To check the attachments you can click over your sent document and looking below to the right  you will see the setting "Attachments", select it and you then see the "undistributed attachments". Your source XML and your original PDF invoice attachment.


***Please note that your recipient might also reject an invoice if they find a wrong value or they experience an issue, in this case, you will receive a message and you will find the issue in the folder "My documents">"Handle documents with errors". 


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