Handle documents with errors


If you receive information that your sent document is not processed correctly but has been stopped in error, you can find the document and information about the error in Pagero Online.


1. Go to My Documents -> Handle documents with errors. You can either search by a specific document number or then seek from a list that opens when clicking "Search"


2. You can see the following information about your documents with errors from the list: Document number, Receiver, Distribution method, When it was created, Document type and Send mode.



3. Click on the invoice you want to take an overview and see the error description.

You can also download the source document and resend or delete the document.



Sometimes your document may have a status “Handled by Pagero” and this means that the document is waiting for a manual handling of our support. This is when you will have to wait for whether the document has been successfully sent or rejected after the handling. If it is rejected you can find it in Handle documents with errors if it is an error that can be corrected directly in Pagero Online or in Sent documents with delivery status as Undeliverable/Rejected if something on the documents needs to be corrected and then resent to Pagero Online.

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