Pagero Order Portal - General

Log into Pagero Online.
You will find the order portal by clicking on Manage orders.


* The language in the order portal is governed by the language settings you have in Pagero Online.

Once in the Pagero Order Portal, the first view is Manage Orders.

All received orders will be presented here. You can choose to only view orders with a specific status (Respondable, Deliverable, Invoiceable etc.), by placing the marker on Show all or Inbox, and choose what you want to see.



In the Inbox view, show all will present all your received orders. The status of the order is shown by the symbols on the left side. If you place the marker over a symbol, an explanation of the status is presented.



Click on an order to open it.
When you have controlled the information in the order, and wish to send an order response, you simply click on Create order response at the bottom of the order.



Create an order response

On the right side of the page you will see an index of the order response, these headlines can be used for navigation on the order response. Some information in the order response will be prepopulated, based on the information in the order.

Order response information: Insert/adjust your additional order response information.

Articles: Information about the ordered articles will be shown. Ordered quantity will be prepopulated,
if you wish to only accept part of the order, you can adjust the accepted quantity.

You can also choose to reject the order, partially or the full order, by ticking the box Reject.
To add comments or information to a specific row of the order, click on the note symbol on the right.

You can add a new article to the order response by clicking on Add new article.


Message to Buyer: If necessary you can add a message to Buyer.

Buyer: Information about the buyer will be prepopulated, can be changed / edited if necessary.
When you have created your order response and confirmed the number of goods ordered, it is time to send the order response. This is done by clicking on "Send order response", at the bottom right.



Create Dispatch Advice

Once your order response and order are delivered, you can create and send a dispatch advice.
To do so, click on the specific order in the Manage Orders view, and click on Create Dispatch Advice in the lower right corner.



When you click on "Create Dispatch Advice" a new window opens. Here you can then create your delivery confirmation. Much of the information in the delivery confirmation will be prepopulated, based on the information in the order.

Dispatch advice information: supplement / adjust your information regarding the delivery confirmation.

Articles: specify which articles you want to create a delivery notification for. You can create a delivery confirmation for part of the order, by changing the number of items delivered. The order will then receive the status Delivered. You can later create a delivery confirmation for the remainder.



Message to Buyer: If necessary you can add a message to Buyer.

Buyer: Information about the buyer will be prepopulated, this can be changed / edited if necessary.

When you have created your delivery confirmation, with the correct number of delivered items, the delivery confirmation should be sent, by clicking on "Send dispatch advice" in the bottom right.



Create invoice

When the order is complete and the goods have been delivered to the buyer, an invoice must be created and sent. You do this by clicking on the order you want to create an invoice for, in the view of "Manage Orders". When the selected order is displayed, click on the "Create Invoice" button in the bottom right. You can then choose to create the invoice based on the entire order, or the delivery confirmation(s) you have created.


When you click on “Create Invoice” a new window opens. Much of the information in the invoice will be prepopulated, based on the information in the order.

Invoice information: supplement or adjust the invoice information.

Articles: Update the information about the articles, quantity, unit price and VAT/TAX-rate. If you wish to add a comment to a specific article, click on the note symbol, and add the comment below the article.



Charges and discounts, to add a charge (e.g shipping cost, administration fee) click on Add Charge, and insert the information about the charge, such as description, amount and VAT/TAX-rate.

To add a discount, click on Add Discount, and add the information about the discount. A description and discount amount. You can also add information about overdue fine (interest rate).

Payment information
The next section is payment information. To add your payment information, click on Add more, and choose the payment information you wish to add. Fill in the information in the specified fields. You can add several different payments methods if you wish.


 Message to buyer: If you wish, you can add a message to the buyer.

Buyer: If needed you can add more information about the buyer. You can change the invoice address and the Ship to – address. To do so, click on the pen symbol next to the headline.

Seller: The last section is about you, the seller. If needed you can change the address and contact information, by clicking on the pen symbol. You can also add a seller reference.

When the invoice has been completed, and controlled that it is correct, you should click on Send Invoice to send the invoice.








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