Pagero Invoice Portal 2.0

Create and send electronic invoices in Pagero Invoice Portal 2.0

1.Log in to Pagero Online with your credentials and click "Create invoice":


2. Choose the recipient you wish to send a document to, and the type of invoice you wish to create (debit or credit), then click "Create invoice" to proceed to the form.

If you can’t find the recipient in the drop-down menu, you need to add them in your customer directory in Pagero Online. Information on how to add customers can be found here.


You also have the possibility to generate the invoice based on a previously saved template.
To create an invoice based on a saved template you can find these under Templates after you click on "Create invoice".


Click on the template you wish to create your invoice from and click on “Create invoice from template”mceclip1.png

Now you can adjust the information that needs to be changed for your new invoice.
More information on how to save a template can be found in step 11. 

3. Information about the recipient will be pre-populated. If needed, this information can be edited by clicking Edit.


4. Fill in the "invoice details". If needed, additional fields can be added by clicking on "Add fields" and choose from the options that will appear on the right side of your screen (Invoice Details).

*Keep in mind that all mandatory fields you need to fill are marked with a star, if not, you will not be able to process/send the invoice.


5. Articles – Add information about the articles of the invoice.
  a. Add more rows by clicking on "Add Row".
  b. If needed you can add additional fields to all rows, by click "Add field to all rows" on the bottom left. If you wish to add a field to only one specific row, click the plus sign on that row. Choose the additional fields you wish to add from the list on the right side.
  c. To see all added additional fields, click Expand All, and Collapse All to hide the fields (the additional fields will still be added to the invoice).


*Keep in mind that some customers could have some extra mandatory requirements or strict range of values that do not appear in this generic guide, you can check all extra invoice requirements on the Project page sent to you in the registration email. 

* Project Page Page is a website where you can register your company to Pagero Online so that you can start to send documents via Pagero Web Portal to the desired recipient.
From the project page you will also find information gathered about other alternatives for sending documents to your customer.
You’ll get the link for the project page from your customer (the company you are about to send a document to) or from Pagero support.

If your invoice is to be VAT-exempted, we recommend you add VAT Exemption for your article rows. You can do this by clicking on “Add field to all rows” and then you click on the box for VAT Exemption, so it has a checkbox in it.



Once it has a checkbox you choose which VAT Type the invoice has and then you choose the alternative that suits your invoice.  

When the VAT Type has been chosen you can decide if you want to add a text that explains the exemption and you do this by clicking on the field that says VAT Exemption.


*Keep in mind that even though you have clicked on VAT Exemption, the VAT in the article row still needs to be a zero since this value is a mandatory field.

6. If applicable, add discounts or charges, by clicking Add Discount or Add Charge and fill in the needed information:


7. If a discount or charge should be tax exempt, click the plus sign to add this information.


8. If needed, you could change the currency of the invoice or the VAT by click Add fields, and choose if you’d like to round the invoice total amount:


9. Add payment method or change payment method, click the drop-down list.
You can add several payment methods, by clicking Add Account and choosing the account type you wish to add from the drop-down list:

This information can be added to you Pagero Online account so it’s automatically inserted in all invoices:
a. On the left side, in the main menu, go to "Settings - Company information"
b. Click on the tab "Portal settings", add the information and click "Save":


10. You can attach files to your invoice by clicking on "Choose file". If you wish to add extra attachments, click "Add attachment" to add the attachment and then choose Type of attachment.

11. Once the invoice is complete you can proceed and send the invoice by clicking Send invoice in the lower right corner.
You can also choose to save your invoice as a Template. The template can be used the next time you wish to send an invoice to this recipient. All information saved in the template will be added to the invoice the next time you choose that template. Templates are chosen in the first step, when you choose recipient. All saved templates will be presented.
Additionally, you can choose to preview the invoice before sending it. The purpose of this function is to ensure fields have been filled in correctly.


If you have any questions you can always find contact information to our Support team in Pagero Online, under the tab Support. 
Call us, chat with us or submit a request here: support

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