Delivery status in Pagero Online



The delivery is complete, this is a final delivery status.


Done (Fetched)

Inbound delivery of a file is complete. The file that has been received in Pagero Online, and has also been fetched from Pagero Online via the chosen communication. This status may also show on outbound files if the recipient is receiving the document through Pagero.

Waiting to be delivered

The document is to be sent. No actions are needed. This status can also show when the document is already sent but the receivers service provider is yet to send a technical acknowledgement to Pagero of the documents receipt.


Error at Receiver

Something is wrong related to the delivery of the document, either generated by the recipient’s service provider or the receiver themselves. The process status will be Handled by Pagero and shall be handled by Pagero support.


The document could not be delivered to the recipient, or it was rejected, and is a final delivery status. Process status will be Awaiting interaction by user, and depending on the sender’s settings they will be informed on the reason for of the rejection.


In the User Interface (UI) we can also display Cancelled as a status on documents, but that is mapped via process status (in such case delivery status is no longer of importance, the document has been cancelled/virtually deleted).

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