FAQ for update in the MSA on 2021-10-25

Here you can find answers of the most frequently asked questions about our Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) update on the 25th of October 2021. If you can´t find the answer, please contact our Support team


Will the updated MSA apply to me?

Yes, unless your organization has an exemption, the update will apply to you.

Why is Pagero making these updates?

The need for an updated agreement adhering to global considerations has increased as Pagero continues its global expansion, and the updated agreement includes flexible options of governing law and adherence to local deviations. Pagero has also listened to customer feedback and improved the general structure and clarity of the MSA.

What are the main differences? 

The main differences are:

  • Updated agreement structure (Main Agreement Terms “MAT” and Terms of Service “TOS”),

  • Updated clarity, especially regarding compliance requirements in TOS,

  • Flexible governing law clause adhering to a number of territories,

  • New limited terms if the service is purchased through a reseller (Reseller Complementing Terms, “RCT”).

How do I accept the MSA?

You will be presented with the new MSA the next time you log in to Pagero Online. You will be able to accept it in a click-through setup.


Are there translations available?

Yes, several convenience translations are available soon at Agreements. Note that the English version is the only legally binding version.


I have a question about the content of the MSA

Please contact our Support team and they can help you further

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