Compliance Alert - CFDI version 4.0 to become mandatory on 1 May 2022

Update: Compliance Alert - CFDI version 4.0 to become mandatory on 1 May 2022
Date: 2021-12-06

SAT, the Mexican Tax Administration, has the intention to replace the electronic tax document (CFDI, Sp.: Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet) version 3.3. with the CFDI 4.0.

Until 30 April 2022, both versions (3.3 and 4.0) will be allowed. Starting 1 May 2022, the CFDI version 4.0 will become mandatory.

These are benefits of the new version for taxpayers:

  • Reporting more accurate information from the CFDI to the SAT to increase efficiency in SAT’s clearance responses
  • Facilitation of the VAT declarations with pre-filled information derived from the data provided in the CFDI

New features are added to the new version, among others:

  • Export purposes: to indicate if the CFDI covers an export operation
  • Recipient address: to register the postal code address of the CFDI recipient
  • Recipient tax regime: to add the tax regime of the recipient to whom the CFDI tax effect will apply
  • Taxable object: to indicate whether the commercial operation is taxable or not
  • New validation rules to be introduced
  • Reason for the cancellation to be stated in the CFDI

Please note that the technical documentation, validation rules and other specific changes are expected to be published soon by the SAT on their website.

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