Why should I switch from BgLink to E-banking using Pagero Online?


The Nordic banks are currently preparing for the transition to P27 – a new Nordic clearing infrastructure. With the transition to P27 the local formats will no longer be used, and ISO 20022 will be used instead. The ISO 20022 files must be sent to the bank directly and not through the payment system Bankgirot, as we are used to do.

As BgLink is a software that only processes the traditional local formats such as LB, KI and BgMax and only communicates with Bankgirot, Pagero now offers the service E-banking using our cloud-based platform Pagero Online.

  • With the service E-banking you become P27-compliant, bearing in mind that it converts your older formats such as LB and KI into ISO 20022 in accordance with the specification your particular bank wishes to receive.
  • The service also converts the ISO 20022 files we get from the bank back into LB-åter, BgMax etc.
  • The service furthermore includes connection to banks, thus one service gives you everything you need in order to prepare for the new infrastructure.
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