How do I change the setting in Pagero Online from ‘File Transfer to Bankgirot’ to ‘File Transfer to a Bank’?


  • For Nordea you need to have a CAP (corporate access) agreement within Nordea. This gives you access to a certificate, which needs uploading to the E-banking solution. You will receive something called Signer ID from Nordea, which you should add to the ‘Bank’ setting and tick if you wish to send and sign in Pagero (the E-banking platform). You will also need a Debtor ID, which is to be entered when you configure the accounts under ‘Accounts’, along with your account information, and ‘Account mapping’ needs to be carried out. Remember to get everything in place in Pagero before the bank changes its mode of communication. 
  • For SEB, add SEB as the bank under ‘Bank’ in the E-banking solution. Then tick if the files are to be sent and signed in Pagero. Then tell your administrator at SEB you want to integrate with Pagero, and if you and SEB need to sign some agreements this will be done. SEB will then send us a file containing your account information, which we will configure under ‘Accounts’ in Pagero. 
  • For Handelsbanken, add Handelsbanken under ‘Bank’' in the E-banking solution, then press ‘Send’. A link will then come up, saying: Click here to go to Handelsbanken. You will then go straight to Handelsbanken. Log in and select the accounts you wish to integrate with Pagero. Pagero will subsequently receive a file from Handelsbanken, and your accounts will automatically be configured in Pagero.
  • For Swedbank, fill in your details in the same way as before, under ‘Bank’ in the E-banking service. Choose a name (usually the company name) and a sender ID (06orgnummerB001), and select the code Bank. If you wish to send money to Swedbank using Bankgirot, press on a tick in the Transit local format. Then go to ‘Accounts’ and enter your account details, and where it says Debtor ID enter the same details as in Sender ID. Don’t forget to carry out ‘Account mapping’. Then talk to Swedbank about when they should redirect the flow.
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