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From Pagero, we aim to help your company fully streamline both the P2P/O2C processes - with our Order Portal, we are offering a solution focused on the potentially difficult document flow for our suppliers, where multiple document types are involved - Order, Order Response, Dispatch Advice, Invoice... - and information needs to be shared with high accuracy.


Our Order Portal can be accessed by clicking the Manage orders tab in your company's portal.


Here, you will be able to view and process orders received from your customers, with the following information available:

  • Name of the buyer
  • Order number
  • Amount of the order
  • Date of requested delivery
  • Date in which the order was received
  • Progress of the order
    • Fully/Partially accepted
    • Fully/Partially invoiced



By clicking Show all, you will be able to filter the orders that appear in your view according to their current status, which will depend on whether the following documents have been created or not after the reception of the order:

  • Order Response
    • If not created: Respondable
    • If created: Rejected or Accepted, depending on the contents of the response
  • Dispatch Advice
    • If not created: Deliverable
    • If created: Delivered
  • Invoice
    • If not created: Inoivceable
    • If created: Invoiced

Under Inboxyou will be able to find orders that have already been handled, either Completed or Trashed orders.


Upon clicking directly on an order, you'll be redirected to a view where further details are provided, such as:

  • Buyer details - including their address and their source format
  • Ordered articles - with the requested delivery dates of each article and the order quantities
  • History - with the additional option to create a PDF version of the order



Scrolling down, you will also find the option of creating an Order Response, Dispatch Advice or Invoice directly from the order you have received, with changes if required.



Please, keep in mind that not all customers can receive these document types, so it's advisable to confirm beforehand with the recipient whether they have the required setup on their end to process them correctly or not. 

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