Compliance Alert - Implementation of Peppol IRM in Belgium

Update: Compliance Alert - Implementation of Peppol IRM in Belgium
Date: 2022-08-15

The Belgian Peppol Authority, BOSA, announced the intention to implement IRM (Invoice Response Message) in March 2022. Recently, it has been confirmed that IRM should be fully operational starting from 1 September 2022.

Pagero will enable Peppol IRM capabilities for all customers in Belgium by 30 August 2022, as well as for non-Belgian customers sending invoices to the Belgian public sector.

The decision to enable this feature for all customers, and not only Peppol users, is tied to the Hermes platform implementation for B2B e-invoicing and the actively discussed countrywide B2B e-invoicing obligation in the country. In this way, all Pagero customers in Belgium will be IRM enabled and compliant proactively. Enablement of IRM in Pagero Online does not entail any additional cost or effort for our customers.

As a customer not utilizing Peppol capabilities in Belgium, you can opt-out of the IRM scheme. For disabling IRM or any general questions about the new Belgian processes, please reach out to Pagero Support Center or your organization’s account executive.

To learn more about IRM and MLR in Belgium, see our previously published Alert.

If you are not yet subscribed to Pagero’s Compliance Monitor and Compliance Alerts, we strongly recommend this, so that you stay timely informed about the most relevant e-invoicing and CTC developments.

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