Compliance Alert - IRM and MLR migration postponed

Update: Compliance Alert - IRM and MLR migration postponed
Date: 2022-09-27

The Belgian Peppol Authority (BOSA) has now been live with IRM and MLR capabilities for both Mercurius (B2G e-invoicing platform) and Hermes (B2B e-invoicing platform) for a few months.

The transition from “old” MLR to “new” MLR and IRM was initially intended to span 6 months, requiring use as of September 2022. This has now been postponed, and the intended date for complete migration is 16 November 2022.

After 16 November, invoice senders who don’t receive IMR and use only old BIS MLR will experience a disruption of their invoice response processes.

*As the “new” MLR is managed between sending and receiving service providers, Pagero is responsible for MLR and assures no interruptions to our customer’s operations or established arrangements with Pagero.

Read more about IRM and MLR in Belgium here.

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