Highlights from 21 May Release

  • Support for sending a purchase order document as a PDF via e-mail if an e-mail address is included in the order document.
  • Renamed web pages for error handling – “Handle error batches” is now called “Handle files with errors” and “Handle error documents” is now called “Handle documents with errors”.
  • New elements added to Pagero’s internal format to support the Spanish market.
  • Improved internal configuration tools to streamline and secure the setup of customer integrations in Pagero Online.
  • Support for handling different time zones in Pagero Customer Reports.
  • Possibility to extract a copy of an already sent Customer Report.
  • General performance enhancements.

Highlights from 23 April release

  • Customer number displayed in Pagero Connect. Visible in the top, right panel after the user has logged in.
  • Stricter validation of due date in Pagero’s invoice portal so that it is no longer possible to send an invoice with due date before invoice date.
  • Improved look-up service for Peppol SMP and Nemhandel.
  • Possibility to create a credit invoice based on an invoice created in Pagero’s supplier order portal.
  • New elements added to Pagero’s internal format to support country specific requirements.
  • New functions for cleaning up old and obsolete data i Pagero Online.
  • Enhanced internal tools for administration and configurations in Pagero Online.
  • General performance improvements.

Highlights from 19 Feb release

  • Improved error handling and API:s for Pagero Online Digital Signature Service
  • Enhanced language support for presentations generated by Pagero
  • Enhanced Accept/Reject functionality for invoices sent to Turkish Recipients
    • Ability to send invoice, accept/reject response and receipts to Turkish service provider Intecon
    • Possibility to accept or reject an invoice several times if the invoice response was not delivered to the supplier in previous attempts
  • Enhanced validation of email address to allow ‘+’-character in text before the ‘@’-character
  • More detailed document auditing
  • New and improved support tools to provide our customers local First Line Support from different geographical locations
  • Improved receipt handling
  • General performance improvements

Highlights from 22 Jan release

  • Possibility to send Order Response and Dispatch Advice via e-mail
  • Support for new invoice types:
    • Proforma invoice
    • Commission note
    • Debit Note
    • Prepayment Invoice
  • Enhanced receipt handling and identification of PDF-documents in Pagero Online
  • New tool for configuration of roles and permissions in Pagero Online
  • Various internal enhancements to provide Pagero Online end users with better support
  • General performance improvements

Highlights from 18 December release

  • Improved error handling and logging to provide better support to Pagero Online end users.
  • Pagero Online now supports envelope handling when sending invoices to French Government. All attachments will be packaged inside this envelope.
  • New AS2 communication protocol for outbound traffic.
  • New tab Service Providers Settings on Company Information page in Pagero Online.
  • Enhanced configuration tool for Pagero Archive Push Back Service.
  • General performance improvements.

Highlights from 20 November release

  • Support for French language in Pagero Online.
  • Support for Turkish language in Pagero Online.
  • Improved print service to provide better support for a global market.
  • New login page to Pagero Online with support for single sign on between services outside Pagero Online.
  • Security enhancements.
  • General performance enhancements.

Highlights from 16 October release

  • Customer number is now visible in Pagero Online for our customers. It is presented in the top right corner of the screen when you are logged in to Pagero Online.
  • Support for Polish language.
  • Technical packaging to make it possible to support integration to the French Government in order to fulfill future legal requirements for e-invoice.
  • New/improved internal tools in Pagero Online to provide better end-user support to our customers.
  • General performance enhancements.

Highlights from 18 September release

  • Possibility to add multiple CC-recipients in the invoice e-mail distribution service.
  • Improved supplier/customer requests.
    • There is now support for showing Company ID (for example organization number) when approving requests in the wizard for handling supplier/customer requests in Pagero Online.
  • Improved e-mail notification for new issuers/recipients suggested by customers.
    • The e-mail notification that is sent out from Pagero Online when a suggested issuer/recipient is approved, now also contains ID (such as organization number, VAT-number, GLN, OVT and IBAN) if the issuer/recipient has any of these ID:s.
  • New fields in the invoice web portal to support legal requirements in Spain.
    • New fields for agreement information, tax code and DIR3 codes (please note that these fields are only visible when Spain is the recipient country in the invoice address).
  • Support for payment methods for DK, EN, ES, FI, NO and SE in the new supplier order portal.
  • Improved document visibility for the PDF-merge service.
  • Improved internal tools in Pagero Online to speed up customer integrations and support.
  • General performance improvements.