Open and closed supplier directory

In Pagero Online you can choose whether you want to have an open or closed supplier directory.

If your supplier directory is closed, you will have to manually approve new suppliers by adding them to your supplier directory. You can choose to have an open supplier directory by changing the setting “Authorize suppliers manually” to Off. When this setting is off all suppliers that want to send you an e-invoice are able to do that without you having to accept them.


*Please keep in mind that the above changes can be made only by an account administrator. If you are not an account administrator, please ask an administrator to perform those changes for you.

You can switch between open or closed supplier directory by changing the setting "Authorize suppliers manually" as following:

1. Go to "Settings - Settings - Company level settings" and click on the tab "General":


2. Scroll down to "Document issuer authorization" and the section "Authorize issuers manually":


3. When this setting is On your supplier directory is closed, when this setting is Off your supplier directory is open.


If you have any questions you can always find contact information to our Support team in Pagero Online, under the tab Support. 
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